Wearable Art Townsville 2018 will present the magical form of Wearable Art from across Queensland and beyond through a highly entertaining stage performance. Presenting over 45 spectacular wearable creations alongside professional theatre, dance and music. Tickets are going on sale soon.


Wearable Art occupies an exciting and innovative space that fuses many art forms and techniques, from the use of recycled or high-tech materials and industrial design, through to millinery, sculpture and traditional craft and weaving techniques.

Wearable Art Townsville aims to grow and promote wearable art as an innovative, vibrant, and creative art form in Townsville.

WAT builds on the success of both the inaugural ‘Wearable Art’ section that opened the Townsville Fashion Festival in 2016 (and involved local art and design students creating and showcasing 13 wearable artworks at the headline ‘Runway’ event) and the Wearable Art Workshop run by Claudia Williams and Christina Papadimitriou which produced the amazing ‘Townsville Banner Dress’.

In 2017, WAT was introduced to Townsville with its own show as part of the line-up for the Townsville Fashion Festival.

WAT is now a stand-alone event with a full-length production featuring the creativity and amazing designs of artists, hair stylists and make-up artists, showcasing in Townsville on 20 October, 2018.